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Historic walk


Discover the historic and artisanal Villedieu ...

The Villedieu les Poêles Parcours historique is an ideal ,means to discover at your leisure the history and the architecture of the town, alone, with the family or with friends ! You will discover the origins and the rich history of Villedieu, all in entering into the legend of the artisanal pan-makers and the prosperity of the copper artisans that cross the centuries.


A heritage protected by the ravages of time.

This footpath comprises of notice boards that explain the history and illustrates the remarkable heritage of the centre of this historic town, known as the "City of Copper". The route is marked out by bronze nails on the ground to guide you from one point to another and to the bronze plaques that signal and name the 35 ancient courtyard-workshops of Villedieu les Poêles; a unique heritage in La Manche.

A pathway to discover the riches and treasures of Villedieu-les Poêles

Villedieu, first hospital commandery on the actual territory of France, and also the seat of an unusual brotherhood of metal craftsmen from the end of the Middle Ages, what history!

With this walk of 1½ hours and the 14 documented stops, the historic stroll offers an original escape back in time to discover the interesting history of our town.

To complete and enjoy the stroll in our town, an historic pathway booklet is available for free in 6 languages (French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish).

New! Discover the city with a free audioguide. Download it on your smartphone and follow the way.


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