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ULM Didier Hulin

Aérodrome du Val Saint Père 50300 Avranches ou 4 Chemin de la Baie 50530 DRAGEY

Phone : +33 02 33 48 67 48 ou 06 07 54 91 92



An experience out of the ordinary

Didier Hulin is the first professional for the Microlight of the Bay of the Mont Saint Michel and possesses an experience of more than 20 years, with more than 12 000 flying hours. He offers a wide range of options corresponding to the baptism of the air, in the prestigious backdrop of the Bay, to the training and personalised options. Didier possesses 4 micro-lights of which 2 are training versions ; this eventually allows an secondary initiation in flying. The "surveillance flight", simultaneous flight of two micro-lights is therefore possible, according to certain conditions. You will be able to produce film footage your-self by using your camcorder. These micro-lights are transportable on a trailer enabling a first flight from your home and also can be offered to a person of your choice. An unforgettable moment, a surprise achieved !

- Flight of discovery : circuit leaving from Avranches Aerodrome which is half way towards the Mont Saint Michel, minimum duration of 10 minutes, altitude 500 metres : 60€
- Flight around the Mont-Saint-Michel : dependent upon the weather, you will pass over the Mont Saint Michel (distance 1,5 kms), minimum duration of 20 minutes, altitude 900 metres : 120 €
- Flight over the cliffs of Champeaux, with a return to the Mont-Saint-Michel : depart from Avranches Aerodrome, or the micro-light zone of Dragey to fly over the cliffs of Champeaux then the Mont Saint Michel, minimum duration of 40 minutes, altitude 1000 metres : 180 €
- Flight over the Mont-Saint-Michel, and a flight over Granville or Cancale : two alternatives are offered for this veritable airborne excursion : fly over manor houses and abbeys on the flight path between Avranches and Granville, or even a trip over beaches whilst flying towards Cancale, minimum duration of 60 minutes, altitude 1000 metres : 280 €
If you can, the flight around the Mont Saint Michel, with a duration of 20 minutes is ideal to live through an unforgettable experience over an exceptional site.

Didier Hulin offers originality and emotion with flights over the Mont Saint Michel in a ULM (Microlight).

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Access for disabled persons, pets are allowed, car park on site, groups are welcomed, picnic area on site

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