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Hiking paths

Walk in the Villedieu Basin and discover unique landscapes

The area has a number of well-marked and well-maintained walking routes. So why not take advantage of them? In the Airou Valley, in the heart of the bocage or in the woods of Saint Poisien... It's possible to get a change of scenery just a stone's throw from Villedieu-les-Poêles! Find all our routes in digital format, to take with you on a GPS or to print. They are also available in paper format free of charge at the Tourist Office. Don't hesitate to collect them from reception, or ask for them to be sent by post to help you prepare your stay.

Path n°1: The green belt in Villedieu-les-Poêles

Did you know that from the town centre of the city, you can be in the heart of the bocage in a few steps? This 11km walking loop takes you along country paths, between Norman cows and panoramic views of the town. The bell tower of Notre-Dame church accompanies you along the way... To discover on your way: the church of Saint-Pierre-du-Tronchet, the church of Saultchevreuil and its wash-house. Don't hesitate to stop for a few moments to visit the town's sites and craft workshops.

Distance : 11km
Duration : 3h
Level : Easy
Marking: Yellow

>> Download the route in PDF or GPX format

Path n°2: The butterfly along the water in Saint-Pois

During this hike, the water that runs through the valleys takes on various aspects. From the washhouses to the remains of watercress beds, from the ponds to the small springs that almost emerge under your feet; the spring of Mont Robert, much appreciated by lovers of fresh water, the river, the Glanon, which made the mill turn at dawn and continues to make it work with the small hydroelectric plant. Everything contributes to make this walk refreshing! To discover on your way: the Saint-Louis church, the private castle of Saint-Pois, the Croix Saint-Jacques, the Petit Saint-Poisien farm, the Thursday market on the Place de la Mairie.

Distance: 9km
Duration: 3 hours
Level: Difficult (surveyed at the beginning of the route)
Marking : White

>> Download the route in GPX format or the leaflet in PDF format

Path n°3: The ridge paths in Montabot

Welcome to Montabot, a village nestled in the green hills of the Norman bocage! Montabot welcomes you at the foot of Mont Robin, for walks between hills and countryside. Its reliefs, which can reach up to 275 metres, offer an unobstructed view of the bocage, up to 30km in the round! Take a breath of fresh air, between wooded paths and ridge paths. To discover on your way: the Notre-Dame church, the Mont Robin.

Distance: 11km
Duration: 3 hours
Level : Medium
Marking: White

>> Download the route in GPX format or the leaflet in PDF format

Path n°4: The Pont Cey in Fleury

Located a short distance from Villedieu-les-Poêles, discover the village of Fleury and its green paths. This village located on the heights of the Norman bocage takes its name from a Roman chief who settled there and named this Gallo-Roman domain "Floriacum". In the 19th century, Fleury provided clayey sandstone for various uses: building stoves, paving houses, polishing hardware... This 5km circuit takes you to the Pont Cey in the heart of the bocage; between Norman cows and hills. Ideal for a family outing!

Distance: 5km
Duration : 1h
Level : Easy
Marking : Yellow

>> Download the route in GPX format or the leaflet in PDF format

Path n°5: The loop of Le Chefresne and its variant

Le Chefresne, the Protestant village : This new commune of Percy-en-Normandie is said to have taken its name from the ash tree, which is known as "the devil's tree that attracts lightning". It is said that a Protestant pastor, Eugène Sabattier, was struck by lightning while standing under an ash tree next to the temple, which was still under construction at the time. This Protestant past is now reflected in the Protestant temples. Between green countryside and colourful hydrangeas, this route takes you on an 8km walk. To discover around the route: the apiary of Le Chefresne, the Protestant temples.

Distance: 8km + 3km variant
Duration: 2 hours
Level : Easy
Marking : Yellow

>> Download the route in GPX format or the topoguide in PDF format

More hiking ideas :

Find other hiking ideas in Manche and Normandy on the Cirkwi application. Take the application on your smartphone, and launch the play mode: you just have to follow the guide! Do you need a paper guide to walk in La Manche ? The "La Manche à Pied" guidebook is available for sale at the Tourist Office. Don't hesitate to come and see us to get it! Are you in the Vire area? The Tourist Office sells a complete guidebook with about twenty walking loops.

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