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Art & craft courses

Awaken your artistic soul, become a budding craftsman!

What if you tried the living heritage experience in a different way? Art craftsmen offer you the opportunity to learn their skills. Young and old alike can practice through discovery courses, or more technical courses for amateurs who are already initiated. These courses can be arranged on request with the craftsman, or in sessions open to all during the holidays. In which case, check the agenda.

Laure Devy
Featherwork and painting
Courses and workshops on request, all year round

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Villedieu Pottery
Ceramics and pottery
Classes on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, for adults and children, individual and group

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Atelier Pot'Ethique
Ceramics and pottery
A playful approach to pottery for children and adults, from 6 years old. Courses during the holidays and on request

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Lace school
Bobbin lace
Courses for children and adults on request

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Tissus Fil en Pattes
Sewing courses for adults and children on request

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Alb'Atelier du verre
Stained glass, tiffany and fusing
Courses during the holidays and on request from 7 years old
Contact: 06 63 06 57 96 - alba.fabiola.lozano@gmail.com

9 de Cuirs
Leatherwork and leather sculpture
Initiation during school holidays, from 8 years old
Contact: 9decuirs@ecomail.fr



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